Always Presume Competence (Part 1)

Teaching Language and Communication to Autistic Children Teaching language and communication to autistic children who are non-verbal can be extremely challenging. When it appears that all our efforts to teach them to speak are in vain and no progress is noted, we can be tempted to think that there’s no hope of improvement and that …

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What Is Discrete Trial Training?

Many children with autism do not learn skills spontaneously and may need extra help and specific teaching to learn things that may come naturally to their typically developing peers. They often need highly structured, repetitive instruction that requires them to actively engage with their environment to learn new skills. This is where Discrete Trial Training …

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Our Autism Journey from Special Education to Mainstream Classrooms

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), every child with special needs has the right to be educated in the least restrictive environment (LRE), which is the general education classroom as a first option. Working toward a more restrictive environment is only acceptable if needs come up that cannot be met with support and …

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How to Recognize, Prevent, and Stop Bullying of Autistic Children

Bullying of kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a major problem in our schools. Recent research shows that 46% of kids with autism in middle and high school were victims of bullying, and other studies show that approximately 70% of elementary-age autistic children who were in inclusive classrooms were bullied.  Read More>>

Autism: It Does Get Better!

One question every exhausted and overwhelmed autism parent or teacher asks themselves or others at some point is, “Will this ever get better?” I wondered the same at times when my grandson was young and more than a handful. He was a runner, had numerous sensory challenges, melted down unexpectedly at home, at school, or …

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Safety Considerations for Caregivers of Children on the Autism Spectrum

Safety is an important topic when caring for autistic children. We covered how to keep autistic children out of harm’s way in Safety First! 8 Ways to Keep Children on the Autism Spectrum Safe, but there is another side to the story. Safety can also be an issue for the parents and caregivers of children on …

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Air Travel with Autistic Children: 8 Ways to Prepare

Taking a plane trip can be taxing for anyone, especially when traveling with children. Adding an autistic child with their unique sensory challenges to the mix can make air travel even more difficult.  Read More>>

Happy Father’s Day to All Awesome Autism Dads

And a Special Shout-Out to Five Autism Dad Heroes!  In researching material for this Father’s Day article to appreciate autism dads, one thing was clear: fathers don’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve when it comes to their role in raising their autistic children. Perhaps this is because in general, most early intervention …

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Teaching Autistic Children About Winning And Losing

Some children with autism may find it very difficult to control their emotions when they don’t win in a game, quiz, or raffle, or when they don’t get the highest score in their class. This can lead to emotional outbursts, much to the dismay of those in charge and their fellow students.  Read More >>

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