About Friends Are…?

Logan has trouble with sharing and teases a friend. His grandma teaches him how to be a good friend with some fantastic friendship rules.

Non-autistic children usually learn social skills naturally and in a spontaneous way, by watching and mingling with everyone around them, but children with autism may need to learn these skills in a more tangible way, through social narratives, role play, and other means. Of course, this book is by no means a comprehensive manual on how children on the autism spectrum can nurture friendships, but I hope that the different “friendship rules” in Friends Are…? can be a springboard for conversation, as they were for me and my grandson.

There is a Word List and Fantastic Friendship Rules Checklist at the back of the book to help teach children on the autism spectrum some of the important social skills needed for developing good friendships.

Friends Are: (Free PDF Downloads)

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