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I am glad you stopped by our site, where you, as a parent, relative, friend, or caregiver of an autistic child, will find some great books, products, and resources.

What started as one book for my grandson, turned into a series of books, a magazine, teaching resources, and articles to help and inspire other parents and caregivers.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and that you will leave refreshed and armed with helpful tips and tools. Please visit us again soon!


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This is the best children's book I've found so far to explain my son to my daughter. He doesn't have a lot of the stereotypical autism traits like lining things up or flapping his hands. He isn't old enough to be bullied and she's not embarrassed by his meltdowns.StaticScribble
StaticScribbleKindle Version Buyer
My son loves this book, and reads it often. It's been really helpful in helping him understand who he is, in a way that is positive and comfortable. We have also loaned it to friends for them to read so that they can better understand him as well. It's it's written with an understandable perspective.Anziano
AnzianoPaperback Buyer
Quick but impactful. Great for all ages. I highly recommend this book for everyone. Share it with friends.Lyle E. Martin
Lyle E. MartinKindle Version Buyer
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