Autism and Language

What Is Discrete Trial Training?

Many children with autism do not learn skills spontaneously and may need extra help and specific teaching to learn things that may come naturally to their typically developing peers. They often need highly structured, repetitive instruction that requires them to actively engage with their environment to learn new skills. This is where Discrete Trial Training …

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How to Help a Talkative Autistic Child to Talk Less and Listen More

Many children with autism develop special interests and become so entranced with them that they spend much of their time talking about them with great enthusiasm. Initially, it can be astounding to hear an autistic individual share their knowledge and expertise on topics such as dinosaurs, bus routes, video games, insects, and the list goes …

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Always Presume Competence (Part 2)

Teaching Language and Communication to Autistic Children Dr. Temple Grandin, professor of animal science at Colorado State University and internationally renowned autism spokesperson, was one of the first autistic people who wrote about her lack of speech during early childhood. She gave us a rare glimpse into the autistic mind when she wrote,  “Not being …

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