About Manners Are…?

Logan bumps into a customer while out shopping. His grandma asks him to apologize and later teaches him about good manners by making a list with him of the most important ones.

I later put them to rhyme and included them in the Manners Are…? book.

I found that posting a Good Manners Chart, and offering a Good Manners Certificate after my grandson filled up the chart with stickers, was a great incentive and visual way to reinforce manners that needed focus at any given time. A sample chart and certificate are included in the back of this book, which you can cut out, photocopy, or laminate if you wish.

Of course, there are many more manners than the ones included in Manners Are…? but these were what Logan needed to learn and focus on first. I hope that they can be a good start for other children with autism too and that this book will make it just a little easier for you to teach them.

Manners Are: (Free PDF Downloads)

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