School Rules are…? in Spanish

About School Rules Are…?

Keeping to and focusing on a task, staying seated, and transitioning from one activity or place to another while in school, can be challenging for children with autism. It certainly was for my grandson when he started attending school.

We were very fortunate to have the help and expertise of Ron Gibson, MA CAS, the lead school psychologist and chairperson of the Autism Problem Solving Team for Harnett County Schools, N.C. He and his team developed some basic school rules for children with autism, and the teachers introduced these rules to my grandson’s class. To help reinforce the rules he was learning at school, I wrote School Rules Are…? I also made some simple illustrated visual supports to go along with each rule. My grandson, and the other children in his class, soon caught on, and Good Eyes, Good Ears, Good Hands, Good Feet, Good Voice, Good Friends, became household words.

Verbally and visually reminding my grandson of the rules regularly and consistently, both at home and in the classroom, continues to make a big difference and helps his time at school to be successful and productive. I hope School Rules Are…?, with its bold and bright illustrations, can help do the same for other children with autism.

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