About Danger Is…?

Children with autism often lack a sense of danger, and it can be difficult to teach them safety rules. My grandson was no exception. After a few near accidents, I was desperate to get through to him that running into the street, putting his hand onto a hot stove, and unbuckling his seat belt while driving, could result in serious injury.

Danger Is…? struck a chord with him, and after reading the story with him repeatedly, he started referring to it when I was cooking in the kitchen, while out in the car, or when crossing a busy road. To my delight, he stopped without prodding at the curb one day and quoted Danger Rule #7.

I also created a Danger Rules key ring for him. Visually and verbally reviewing the Danger Rules on his key ring regularly, and especially before going out, reinforced them even more, and is helping to keep him safe.

I hope this book can contribute to keeping other children with autism safe also.

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