Virtual Training Workshops

Autism Is…?

After the Diagnosis: The Basics

This 2-hour workshop offers parents, caregivers, and educators of children on the autism spectrum general information on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), support, and basic resources and strategies to help/teach autistic children.

You will learn…

  • To understand autism and how it affects your child or student
  • To understand the adjustment process to an autism diagnosis
  • How to help your child or student
  • Basic strategies and how to use simple resources to help your child or student

Danger Is…?

Staying Two Steps Ahead: Safety Considerations for Caregivers

This 2-hour workshop covers general safety considerations for parents, family members, and caregivers of children with autism.

You will learn…

  • To understand how autism can impact the safety of an individual with autism
  • How to be proactive in keeping children with ASD safe
  • To understand how autism can impact the safety of a caregiver of a person with autism
  • About other resources related to community safety for people with ASD

Feelings Are…?

Behavior Is Communication

This 2-hour workshop covers behaviors that autistic children frequently exhibit, and offers suggestions to parents, caregivers, and educators on how to prevent, manage, and/or follow up on different behaviors. It also promotes understanding and compassion for children on the spectrum who often have difficulty expressing their feelings.

You will learn…

  • To find and understand the reasons for frequently exhibited behaviors
  • How to prevent, manage, and/or follow up on behaviors
  • How to teach children to express and manage their feelings
  • About the ZONES of regulation

School Rules Are…?

Getting Ready for Inclusion

This 2-hour workshop covers how parents, caregivers, and educators can prepare themselves and their autistic children for the first or next school year, and how to help children on the spectrum succeed while at school.

You will learn…

  • How to communicate a child’s needs to the school staff
  • How to prepare an autistic child for school
  • How to prepare and use visual supports in both the home and school setting
  • How to prepare the inclusion or special day classroom

Manners Are…?

Open the Door for Social Skills

This 2-hour workshop takes a look at pragmatic communication deficits and covers several strategies to help autistic children develop appropriate social skills that contribute to their success in society.

You will learn…

  • To understand why it is hard for some children to learn social skills
  • To recognize the characteristics of pragmatic communication deficits
  • What social skills to teach
  • About scripting: role-playing for social success
  • About positive reinforcement

Friends Are…?

Building Relationships: What Are Fantastic Friends?

This 2-hour workshop will share strategies to help your autistic child/student foster friendships. Learning how to foster appropriate friendships can avoid problems as children on the spectrum grow older, can prevent bullying, and lead to better relationships with peers with or without autism.

You will learn…

  • To understand why it is hard for autistic children to make friends
  • How to handle bullying
  • How to teach an autistic child to be a friend
  • How to recognize problems and find positive solutions
  • The importance of quality, not quantity, in friendships

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The handouts for all six workshops are available in Spanish also.

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