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A Quick Guide to Autism

The compiled articles in this Quick Guide include basic information and resources that parents and teachers can use to help their autistic child or student succeed at school.

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Change Card Visual Support

Autistic children thrive on routine. Sudden changes can be very upsetting for them. You can use the Change Card to prepare a child or student for a change in plans ahead of time.

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STAR Card Visual Support

In case of a sudden schedule change, showing the STAR card and placing a star in a visual daily schedule, along with an explanation of what will happen instead, can help alert a child or student to the unexpected and avert a meltdown.

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Surprise Card Visual Support

Sudden loud sounds and noises can startle an autistic child. Using the Surprise Card regularly when loud surprises are not happening can help prepare and condition a child for unexpected loud sounds and help them manage.

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